Partnering with
J. Wieland Consulting


J. Wieland Consulting – Your Trusted Partner for Quality Management Systems Planning and Implementation

  • Experience - 22 years of packaging consulting and system certification; 40 years commercial packaging expertise with highly successful QMS/Food Safety Implementations and audits.

  • His practice is tightly focused on providing Consulting, Implementation and Audit Preparation services for ISO 9001 and SQF for Food Packaging, Manufacturing, and Distribution disciplines.

  • Services are provided on an “use as needed” basis. No Fixed Retainers. We’re there for you during and after implementation and audit.

  • Your project scope is defined up front with after a thorough GAP analysis, discovering all potential needs for your unique situation.

  • Contributing Member of Industry Standards Development Committees.

  • Recognized as an Industry Leader by Major QMS/Food Safety Organizations.