Certification Strategies


How to Survive and Thrive with a QMS/Food Safety Certification

The best way to navigate the complexities of QMS/Food Safety certifications and audits is to engage with an experienced consultant - one who can successfully lead you through the process. Ideally that consultant will have been in your position as a principal of a company undergoing the QMS/Food Safety certification journey. Your consultant should be deeply involved in the QMS/Food Safety environment to ensure they are knowledgable on all current standards and audit requirements.

Since an implemented QMS/Food Safety certification is yours, the consultant should also be experienced in helping craft the appropriate internal training and adjustments to enterprise personnel and culture, ensuring the necessary long-term vision and continued success of the program.

Certification typically changes the way you do business - for the better. Change can be disruptive if not properly orchestrated; having a coach with extensive experience helps minimize that disruption and smooths the process.